Minutes of Yarm & District Saddle Club AGM

Yarms 2023 AGM will take place at The Royal Oak, Great Ayton on 15th Jan 2024 @ 7.30pm. All are welcome please email [email protected] to let Chris know if you're planning on joining us.

Pit Stop Diner 07/02/2022


Babs Allen, Lucy Austick, Kelly Bestford, Claire Chapman, Kate Chapman, Sophie Corrigan, Nicky Dare, Ellie Duffield, Lauren Green + mum, Helen Hardy, Claire Hewitt, Louise Humphries, Theo Hopkins, Ann Jennison, Emma Lambert, Laura Lodge, Libby Lupton, Megan Munkley, Gill Rhind, Claire Robinson, Christine Rogers, Abbie Wakefield, Helen Whickham, Jen Wilson Alison Worthington.

Apologies Chloe Hardwick, Aimee Whiteside, Shelley Woodward.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman Christine Rogers who welcomed everyone to the meeting and commented on such a good turn out.


Chairman’s report – Christine Rogers

Welcome to Yarm & District Saddle Club AGM 2022


2021 has certainly been a much better year for horse owners than 2020. Although many events were cancelled due to Covid, particularly at the start of the year, including some of the BRC championships and also some of the major equestrian competitions such as Badminton and Bramham.

So we started the year with a virtual AGM, running a virtual dressage competition and an online photo competition.

However qualifiers and championships resumed with many successes for Yarm.  In fact Yarm had an absolutely awesome year in 2021,

At The Arena Eventing qualifiers the 80cm team of Babs Allen, Helen Dobbin, Chloe Hardwick and Libby Lupton qualified in 1st place with Chloe Hardwick finishing 1st indivdually, The 100 team of Claire Chapman, Niaomi Hall,& Natalie Vincent finished 3rd and the 70cm team of Helen Hardy, Megan Munkley and myself were 5th

 Yarm finished off the 2020/21 winter league with some impressive wins in the riding test and Prix Caprilli with our teams of Theo Hopkins, Lucy Austick, Jayne Bowles, Chloe Hardwick and Lauren Green. This took Yarm to a 2nd place finish, in the Area 2 league only 1 point behind the winners which is our best ever result.

The year then saw an increasingly improving picture for equestrians and in the latter part of the year, riding club competitions and training was able to resume almost as normal.

Yarm has a small but steady membership of loyal and active members and we have entered teams and individuals in all the Area competitions and qualifiers. Despite being one of the smaller Clubs in Area 2 we are one of the most competitive and one of the most successful. Apologies if I bore you here with results but it would be unfair not mention our amazing achievements in competitions this year and apologies also if I miss anyone out!

At the horse trials the 80 cm team of Babs Allen, Lauren Green, Helen Hardy and myself were 2nd with Lauren Green qualifying individually for the 80 cm championships,

At the Summer dressage qualifiers the open dressage team of Shaun Malpass, Claire Chapman, Theo Hopkins and Jen Wilson qualified for Lincoln Championships where the team finished in 4th place and an individual win for Theo in the elementary, Claire placing 3rd in her novice test and Shaun 7th in his novice test.

At the Summer show jumping qualifiers the team of Theo Hopkins, Lucy Austick, Lauren Green and myself won 70cm, The 80 cm team of Babs Allen, Ellie Duffield, Aimee Whiteside and Libby Lupton were 6th and the 90 team of Kate and Claire chapman, Naiomi Hall and Shuan Malpass finished 5th.

At the dressage to Music Qualifiers Theo Hopkins and Ann Jennison both qualified for championships in their classes. At the Championships both Theo and Ann won their warm up classes Ann was 7th in her championship class and Theo 14th.

At the Challenge qualifiers Yarm were yet again successful with the 70cm team of Theo Hopkins Chloe Hardwick, Helen Whickham and myself winning the 70cm and qualifying for Aston le Walls. Also qualifying was Helen Hardy winning the 80cm, Babs Allen just missing out finishing 2nd. The 80 team finished 4th Kate Chapman was 5th in the 90 cm and Claire Chapman qualified in the 100cm by finishing 2nd.

In both the novice and intermediate dressage qualifiers Yarm were dominant winning both senior classes. Jane Bowles, Claire Hewitt, Jen Wilson and Theo Hopkins won the novice team comp with Yarm’s other two novice teams also being placed. 

Individually Chloe Hardwick and Claire Chapman both won their arenas to qualify for championships.

In the intermediate qualifiers the team of Claire Hewitt, Ann Jennison, Theo Hopkins and Jen Wilson were also victorious and qualified for the intermediate championships.

At the winter show jumping qualifiers Yarm suffered from many riders having to withdraw and as a result we did not do so well however the 80cm team of Aimee Whiteside, Theo Hopkins, Chloe Hardwick and Kate Chapman were 3rd with individual placings for Kate 3rd and Chloe 4th Theo was also 2nd individually in the 70cm class

However I do feel that the icing on the cake for me personally was to qualify for Lincoln with the 70 cm show jumping team where the team were BRC champions and helped me to realise an ambition I have had for 30years. The team of Theo Hopkins, Lucy Austick, Ellie Duffield and myself were one of only 2 teams to finish on a zero score. Lucy also picked up a 8th place rosette and myself a 10th

In the summer we held a couple of competitions where Yarm took on Whitby riding club in dressage and show jumping. Whitby won the dressage comp with Yarm winning the show jumping. As we are planning on holding these again this year we hope we again to get support from our members as this year we want to beat Whitby at both competitions.

We are also planning a Summer dressage league to be held at Tunstall.

So as there are already lots of championships to look forward to in 2022 and with the next qualifiers rapidly approaching where we are fielding strong teams again  I feel there is much to look forward to for the competitive members of Yarm.

The riding club however is not all about competing and there have been many varieties of training arranged for our members by Gill who I am sure will elaborate on in her report.

We held a very successful camp in the Summer at Dennis Eventing, and propose to hold another this year.

We held a tack n togs sale at Tunstall to raise funds for both the club and charity

and have also organised a number of fun showjumping days at Tunstall which have been well supported.

Our Christmas social at Santoro’s was also enjoyed by those who attended.

The committee is a wonderful group of loyal hard-working and dedicated members without whom Yarm & District Saddle Club club would not be so successful.

Again as I do every year I would like to thank them all for their continued support of the club.



Treasures Report – Nicky Dare

Good evening everyone

Well the club has survived yet another year and we have made a good profit of £399.33 this time.

As at the end of December 2021 we finished with a balance in the bank of £4,848.38.

This is looking quite healthy but £600 of that is for membership already paid for this year and we still have fees and insurance to pay.

Area 2 fees are £1 per member so that is £39.00, BRC insurance is £175.00 and BRC affiliated membership is £624.00.

The insurance is a standard fee but the membership fee is per member which works out at £16.00 each.

This works out that of the £30.00 membership fee paid £21.50 is paid out in fees and insurance of which we have no control.

We held a virtual photo competition in March 2021 which created quite a lot of interest and we didn’t charge members for this. We made a loss of £21.60 which was for rosettes and postage.

As this proved popular we decided to run a virtual dressage league over the winter. We took £366.00 in entries overall and made a profit of £111.95 the bulk of the expenses £121.83 was for judges expenses.

Over the summer we held an inter-club dressage and showjumping competition with Whitby Riding Club at Tunstall and Claire let us have the facilities for nothing.

The profits from each were divided three ways, each club and Claire wanted hers to go to the charity Here4Horses a very worthy cause. We made a profit of £102.85 on the dressage and £93.50 on the show jumping.

In September we held a tack and tog sale at Tunstall courtesy of Claire which was very busy. We took £115.00 table money and £117.00 on the door. The proceeds were divided between us and Robinsons Equiteach both receiving £136.00.

We held a Christmas showjumping at Tunstall on 29 December and fun was had by all. Claire very kindly let us have the facilities at no charge and we made a profit of £150.00

As a club we are committed to training and try to put on various lessons and clinics throughout the year which we do try and subsidise where we can.

Never the less we still retain a healthy bank balance and hope to be able to do the same this year and more.

Our membership will remain the same for this year at £30.00.

On that note I would like to thank you for supporting the club and hope we have successful year this time.

Thank you very much


Secretary’s Report -Ann Jennison

Secretary’s report

Good evening

Welcome to both our new and returning members, lovely to see so many here especially after the last couple of years.

Amongst all the changes that we and the Riding Club have had to absorb over the last two years, I’m sure you have all noticed that we have gone digital.

You will no longer have your plastic credit card type membership card but will now be notified via email, which can be printed off-I have put mine in my passport!

For those of you who have sent me your details- thank you. For those who I have pestered for an electronic version, this is why.

Over 80%of members have had some small change from a new address or email to one digit on mobile numbers. Correct email addresses are the most important.

This is why if you said the same as last year I’ve asked for clarification- sorry if I don’t totally believe you!

Please if you move, get a new phone or new email, let me know.

At present we have 33 members which compares to 36 at this time in 2020 and is exactly the same as 2021 which goes to prove our members are very loyal. We would however love some new members, especially non riding members, so if anyone has any friends or relatives who don’t ride but may be interested in joining let us know.

Thank you



Training Officer’s report- Gill Rhind

Welcome to members old and new. We had a slow start to 2021 due to the pandemic so training did not get going until April time. Through the year we had training in all disciplines with Victoria Baker providing show jumping and cross country training. We also had cross country training with Jill Horseman at Lea Close in conjunction with some Darlington and Whitby members. Kerry Dicken provided some jump training at her yard and at Upsall Grange, whilst Leslie Perry provided flat work training, which is always very well attended. In total, there were 26 training events organised, however, unfortunately 12 of which had to be cancelled due to a lack of interest.

Moving forward to 2022, we hope to not have any further interruptions. So far we are off to a good start with Will Murray at Richmond and the ever popular Leslie Perry. If anyone has any ideas for any training they would like to have, please let me know.

Election of Officers

To keep in line with regulations 1/3 of the committee must resign each year they are then allowed to stand for re-election

Chris Rogers, Nicky Dare, Ann Jennison, & Babs Allen were all re -elected

Chris Rogers – nominated by Claire Chapman 2nd by Gill Rhind

Nicky Dare – nominated by Libby Lupton, 2nd by Kate Chapman

Ann Jennison – Nominated by Laura Lodge, 2nd by Lauren Green

Babs Allen – nominated by Claire Robinson, 2nd by Helen Whickham

All the current post holders are happy to continue in their roles so the committee remains unchanged.


Presentation of awards

 Training award - Gill Rhind – Nutmeg Shield

This goes to a member who shows total dedication to training for the club and not only organises our training but also attends nearly training arranged. She will also be our safety officer on the ground at the arena event training at the week end.

Newcomers award-Chloe Hardwick – Y&DSC Horse statue

This goes to a member who has been very successful in 2021 at area competitions. She has qualified for a number of championships both as part of teams and individually. She has also volunteered to help at area and club competitions.

 Competitions Award-Theo Hopkins – Saltburn Surf Shop Shield

This award goes to a member who I believe has taken part in every competition including Area 2 Qualifiers, Area 2 Winter league and the Whitby v Yarm competitions. Not only has she taken part but she has been extremely successful, has qualified in most disciplines and achieved championship success in dressage and show jumping. I’m not sure how she finds the time to juggle all she does as she not only has a full time job but as well as being a key member of all our teams she is also one of the first to volunteer to help and has volunteered on many occasions at area competitions and has helped at every club competition.

 Volunteers/Service to the club Award­-Claire Robinson – Trennet trophy

This goes to a member who helps out at both area and club competitions. She will often take on the role of team manager at competitions. She spends hours driving members around the country to events, She will do everything she can to support teams and riders, often providing horses and ponies to make up teams, Also she regularly allows the club to use her facilities to run competitions meetings and training.


The meeting then closed.